Contact our consultant interpreter, who will suggest the interpreting mode best suited to your needs and budget, find interpreters specialising in your subject, organize your interpreting teams, act as a link between the team of interpreters and the conference organizer, provide you with references of interpreters in the team, advise you on the technical arrangements for interpretation or organize technical interpretation and conference equipment for you (booths, receivers, microphones, technicians, projectors, laptops etc.), and help you overcome with any interpretation, translation or language issue as you organise your conference.

The task of the consultant interpreter is to ensure a high-quality service adapted to your needs while obtaining optimum working conditions for the interpreters at every conference for guaranteed quality of performance.


For all language combinations and any number of participants of your

  • business meeting,
  • Management Board or Supervisory Board meeting,
  • press conference,
  • business trip or study tour,
  • official visit,
  • round table discussion,
  • presentation,
  • lecture,
  • congress or conference,
  • etc.