Our interpreters

We work with professional conference interpreters, experts in language and communication, who understand the complexity and responsibility of their work and who have made a commitment to quality, professionalism and strictest professional secrecy.


At a time when multilingual conferences are becoming ever more specialized and technically complex, when interpreters work at several different meetings a day requiring extensive preparation and experience, and when the pressure on our profession is growing due to market demands – not always for the benefit of the profession or quality, we believe that there is a pressing need to maintain quality and standards in the profession of conference interpreting and to recognize that the profession’s reputation for quality and integrity rests on the sum of our individual efforts to secure it.

Interpreters we work with are acknowledged experts in our profession, with extensive experience, accredited by and working for EU institutions.

We will be glad to provide you with references of interpreters who will be engaged for your event.


Diplomat d.o.o.

For all language combinations and any number of participants of your

  • business meeting,
  • Management Board or Supervisory Board meeting,
  • press conference,
  • business trip or study tour,
  • official visit,
  • round table discussion,
  • presentation,
  • lecture,
  • congress or conference,
  • etc.