About Us

Language and communication experts

We live in an age of communication, in which professionals from different backgrounds and cultures meet increasingly to discuss issues of all kinds - economic, political, legal, cultural, scientific, medical, technical.

For true communication to exist, they must be able to make their points in their own language, secure in the knowledge that not only can they be understood but also that they will be able to understand the statements made by others.

Regardless of the number of languages and participants in your meeting or conference, our interpreters will enable your participants take part in discussion on an equal footing, facilitating a true multilingual communication.

For all interpreting needs

Depending on your specific needs, we will provide you with simultaneous, consecutive or whispered interpretation.

Quality and experience

Established in 1993 among the first private companies for translation and interpretation services in Croatia, we have been providing translation and interpreting services for private and corporate clients, governments, institutions and non-governmental organizations in the field of economy, politics, law and culture on the Croatian and European market to highest professional standards.

Our references reflect the confidence of our clients.

Proffesional expertise

Our interpreters are experts in language and communication who have made a commitment to quality, professionalism and strictest professional secrecy.

Expert advice

Contact our consultant interpreter for advice on the interpreting mode best suited to your needs and budget, to find colleagues specialising in your subject, advise you on the technical arrangements for interpretation or organize conference equipment for you, or help you with any language, translation or interpretation issue as you organise your conference.

Guaranteed confidentiality & highest professional standards

Our clients can benefit from our experience and rely on our thorough preparation, professionalism, and of course, guaranteed confidentiality.

Diplomat d.o.o.

For all language combinations and any number of participants of your

  • business meeting,
  • Management Board or Supervisory Board meeting,
  • press conference,
  • business trip or study tour,
  • official visit,
  • round table discussion,
  • presentation,
  • lecture,
  • congress or conference,
  • etc.